Installing Medical Clone Not Working

So I’m trying to change my home station to a citadel so if I get podded I’m brought back in my citadel. Whenever I go to “Set Home Station” from the top left drop down menu on my station info window it says

"Invalid Home Station

The station specified is not a valid choice for your home station. You can set your home station to your current station, your school headquarters or one of your corporation’s offices."

The funny thing about this is that I’m docked, and my corp which owns the citadel also has an office in the citadel with an online clone bay… anyone know what mechanic is preventing me from changing my medical clone location?

You can’t move your medical clone to WH space… lmao ccp is stupid.

Edit: you just lost 5 accounts ccp. later o7

Well, that sux.

Working as intended. WH are meant to be hard to live in. Clone facilities are for swapping between implant sets, not for using as medical and jump clones.

Oh you don’t live in null?

Then according to CCP you don’t count.

WH space was never intended to be permanently settled. So this is working as intended. HTFU.

And you dare to call anyone else a Troll.

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J-space is not for pussies, stay on the 4-4 undock kiddo.

As the OP Discovered the solution to the question, I will go ahead and close this.

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