Unable to Change Clone Location

I am unable to change my clone location on my character Maura Reegan despite being in a station with a clone bay, with a corp office. It’s been more than 365 days so I should even be able to clone anywhere, but the menu does come up. I’ve re-logged, un-docked and docked, etc. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I’m sitting in Delve with a clone from Lonetrek and can’t do any PVP without risk of having my clone booted back to Saranen. I submitted a support ticket for this issue days ago with no response. Figured I’d try my luck here.

Hmm. That’s weird. Perhaps you can try setting your home station a different way.

While docked in your intended home station, right click on the station name in the upper left corner of your hud, then select “Set Home Station.”

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Wow! That worked. Still hope they fixed the bug but that actually did the trick! Thanks!


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