To Clone or not to clone... that is actually not the question

Hi all,

I’m a noob (7 days in now) and I’m on the Sister of Eve quest 19 jumps away from home base in Arnon. A few questions, after loosing a few ships because I adventured where I shouldn’t have lol:

  1. If I clone in Arnon will my clone appear at home base 19 jumps away?
  2. This is cause all my stuff ( weapons, ships, ammo, etc) are all at home base, Every time I get blown up ( I do not mind cause I learn a lot) I have to make about 20 jumps in all directions to buy new gear. And ammo is expensive .
  3. Is there a way to clone at home base, appear there start manufacturing my stuff and go get it with my capsule?
  4. I understand a little the logic of cloning but I need exemples of what it allows me to do.

Thanks again you guys

I’m scared of pushing the Create Clone button and finding myself not knowing what to do next

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There are two types of clones, medical clones and jump clones. Both types become “you” when either your pod gets destroyed and you wake up in the medical clone at your home base, or you jump into a jump clone you have set up at a station or structure somewhere.

You can “podjump” or “podexpress” intentionally by self-destructing your pod in order to instantly travel to where you have set your home base to.

Jumpclones are very handy and easier to get now than ever.

You might not want to change home bases just yet. The sisters of eve arc will take you away from the arnon area and you might regret switching.

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I’m in Arnon but my home base is the first base … Patrol tech school in Minmatar space

If you right click on the station where you are docked (top left corner) you’ll see an option to Set Home Station. This will transfer your medical clone. The destination station must have cloning facilities and there are some restrictions on how often you can do this. More info:

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If you are docked, the station you want to set your medical clone to does not need a clone bay. The “set as home station” option should be still available. E.g. Jita 4/4 - which has no clone bay but accepts medical clones.
I think the clone bay is just a requirement to set your home station remotely.

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