Private message?

This talk on the ‘veteran’ tag had me hunting for mine, and I seem to have lost my trust levels - and I don’t know why.

I haven’t been given a ban or anything as far as I know.

–Confused Gadget




When did you get a ban and for what? Can’t imagine you getting a ban.

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Yeah same here - one of the most helpful people in Eve

I bet it was baldie. That bald ****. Where is he anyway? :slightly_smiling_face: Kinda miss him.

It isn’t just bans that can revoke trust levels. Simply having a certain volume of reported posts that have not been flagged by the moderators as ‘not an issue’ (or whatever the corrective action is for flagging abuse) can lead to trust level loss, and the recovery window is extended to get back to the higher trust level. I can’t say what happened in DeMichael Crimson’s situation, obviously. It’s just additional context for ways to lose a trust level (or have not reached it at all).

Again, CCP_Aurora gives a lot of information about the EVE iteration of Discourse’s trust levels in the ‘Please wait 9 hours to give more likes’ thread; I highly encourage reading her posts in the topic. Some key takeaways:

  • ‘I will admit I didn’t intend to open the floodgates last night, apparently tweaked the wrong setting which enabled you guys to jump up in trust levels really quick. While this wasn’t intended to happen just yet I may just leave it for a while and see how things go, spinning dials as necessary and stressing out the ISD staff.’ - the tools were rolled out without in-depth planning and testing. Some players may have qualified for higher trust levels at feature launch than would happen now. (Tweaking did actively remove some trust level grants - several thread members went up and down in trust level during the time the thread was active).

  • ‘If there have been over a certain number of approved moderation flags within the last few months then you may be gated out of trust level 3 by the algorithm. It can still be earned, but takes time. It can also be lost if forum activity dips or anything along those lines.’ - if a flagged post has been confirmed as hide- or delete-worthy by ISDs or GMs, there is a cooldown before a player can advance to a higher trust level (or they can lose the higher level if they already have it). In addition, recent activity appears to be heavily weighted vs older activity, which means if someone has been quiet for a little while or not recently received many likes they may dip in ‘quality stats’ and lose a trust level.

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Actually I received 2 bans, one for 24 hrs and then quickly got another one I think was for a week, happened about 2 yrs ago, mostly related to Mr. F-off man himself, Nicolai Serkanner. I even received a Direct Message from CCP about it here in the forums.

Anyway, @Mkikaden_Tiragen is correct that having multiple flags and forum posts being removed also affects your trust level. For a while, around the time of my bans, a lot of my posts were constantly getting flagged by a small group of players. During that time a forum thread praising Moderators was posted in which some of us posted claims of biased and prejudiced moderation, even provided evidence to support the claims.

Eventually that caused a slow down of the heavy handed moderation actions as well as the constant flagging issue. Various players were hit with temp bans, which some of them didn’t care and continued to post as before leading to permanent bans. More than likely they created forum alts to continue posting but by then CCP was working on restoring some sort of order to these forums. Most of us who got the temp bans and constant flagging basically started posting less and less over time, others just quit altogether.

Anyway, after that I tried to gain some levels, got a couple of badges in the process but the bans basically restricted me from advancing. Due to all the stuff I posted above, I don’t browse these forums very much now and my posting is even less.

But I still give out likes…

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I have never been banned.

Why did you post your reply to me? I don’t care if you were or weren’t banned. Please don’t try to initiate an interaction with me at all.

Calm down miner.

Take a hike ganker…

Last word!

Kinda cool to know the details of your interaction with Nicolai. Gets a better understanding of your bitterness with that particular individual.

However, when I disagreed with you, it didn’t really excuse your accusations of me being a Nicolai alt and being generally rude. Let’s just try to take the forums a little less serious.

Maybe you should practice what you preach.


That’s about as less serious as it gets…

If you know my posting, you know that I don’t take these forums particularly serious, nor do I think anyone should take my posts serious. I’ve said myself, that most of my posts are shitposts and memes.

Are you proud of that behavior?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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