Private messages on the forums?

Um, I’m just testing to see if this works. I was under the impression that we couldn’t send personal messages, but then just now, the forums offered me the option when I tried replying to you again. So… did it work?

Edit: Okay, so the forums offered me the option to send a private message, but when I tried, it just created a new topic. I didn’t try again because I didn’t want to spam the forums with a bunch of topics. However, I am most certainly interested if anyone know anything more about this. So, instead of deleting the topic, I’m going to move it to the forum feedback section.

Depends on what you were trying to do.

I guess not, somehow it got turned into a new topic.

I swear to god, however, that the forums offered me the option to send a private message.

Shhh dont tell my mum

Look, I was able to start another one. I didn’t try sending it, however, because I figured it would just start a new topic.

I don’t know if they were trying to turn on private messages or what, but something seems broken.

As far as I am aware, PMs are still turned off and hasn’t been any recent discussion about it. Maybe a discourse update changed the suggestions feature.

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Nope, doesn’t work. :frowning:

But you can use the ingame mail system for private messages. That works, as long as people haven’t turned ‘receiving mails’ off.

Provided people still log into the game, you mean?

There is a strange type of players on the forum, who aren’t actually players.

Those probably won’t read your private message ingame.

Well, some people are former players (Qia Kare), some guys haven’t quit, but become far less active (solstice projekt), and I know that I’ll frequently check in on the forums even when I’m on break. So, it could be useful if you need to reach someone that isn’t logging in much, and you don’t share a discord with them.

Of course, it’s probably for the best that we don’t have PM’s, as I suspect that it would result in a lot of mean emails getting sent.

this is why i try and encourage people to use an app that pulls in game mails.

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