Private Sale 27m Gila Pilot

Security status 5.0
Currently NPC Corp
Wallet balance - 39,913,679
No Kill rights
Located in high sec
No Clones
Total Skillpoints: 27,228,911
Private Sale to CheeseBonus

9.2b B/O

9.2B isk I will buy it

no,please send isk to CCwindy Kansene, so i dont need to transfer isk again :slight_smile:

ok, please confirm in game mail, and i will send the isk

confirm in game mail , will start transfer after i receive the isk

isk send, check

ISK receive, start transfer the character to REMOVED ACCOUNT INFORMATIONS now


transfer start now, wait for 10h!

Wow so much wrong in this thread.

Isk goes to character being sold only.

No account names in public forums

Do not send Pirvate Accountnames in the Public Forum.

Sorry, First time for character transfer :frowning:

It is a private sale only if the buyers have already agreed on the conditions in advance. What you have done here was an auction and for your next sales please follow the sales rules of the forum that you can find here.

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