Private Sale to Blathmac Dal Fiatach

Positive Wallet
In High Sec
In NPC corp
I pay transfer fee (isk)

Selling Blathmac Dal Fiatach this character for agreed upon price. Transfer will begin when isk and account name is sent to me.

This is a sophisticated scam (check out the date of birth):

In game is date of birth 2019.03.20 too of course.
I will report it to CCP.
I want return my ISK back.

WTF! That is strange. This character is from 2003 I made her myself, and did not try to scam you. I already purchased the Plex to initiate the transfer, so if you want me to sell it back and send you the isk I will, but it won’t be the same amount. What would you like me to do?

I could contract the PLEX to you and return the remaining isk. Up to you. :frowning: This sucks

I’ll ask ccp how old you really are. Please wait for their response. I’m going to start a EVE suport ticket.

Ok, but that can take a while to get a reply. I’m not on all the time. I will sell back the PLEX and send you the ISK back. When they confirm the age of the character (2003) send me an in game mail, and reply here so I know. We can try this again at that time for 9,731,000,000.00 or not, that will be up to you. :frowning: Sending isk back shortly.

Support request #880538 to CCP support was successfully submitted.

After selling back the PLEX and all of my assets on my account I was able to make 9,999,992,457.00. Sending this back to you. Like I said once they confirm her age and they will let me know and we can try this again. Also note that I don’t play all the time so don’t send ISK until you hear back from me.

Ginger returned my ISK right now, I’m going to cancel the support request #880538 to CCP support.

I would like to buy this toon if it’s real borned in 2003-05-28. @Ginger_Anne

In game is yob 2019.03.20

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