Private sale

(Linovahle Adorabelle) #1

  • Positive Wallet
  • Remap 1 available
  • No Kill Rights
  • Located In Hi-Sec
  • 2 jump clones both in high sec

I’ll pay transfer.

Starting Bid 25 bil.
Buyout 30 bil.

WTB Rorq focused pilot
(Bur Ganbap) #2

Lets start off with 26B

(Linovahle Adorabelle) #3

Bur Ganbap


Lets start off with 26B

Hey if you want to buy this character for that amount.

LET me know. If not its still open for Buying

(Bur Ganbap) #4

Sure. I’m in AU TZ. I will transfer isk when you are ready

(Linovahle Adorabelle) #5

Accepting Bid. Ready for isk and Transfer location name

(Bur Ganbap) #6

Nice. will be tranfering isk within 1hr

(Linovahle Adorabelle) #7

Ok waiting for the Transfer of isk.

Please send account name where character is going too. Either in game or here on forums.

(Linovahle Adorabelle) #8


(Bur Ganbap) #9

Isk and account info sent ingame

(Linovahle Adorabelle) #10

IN GAME message.

can you wait 4 hrs until the start of transfer? Yes I will.
I have to biomass 1 toon and there is 3hr and 30min timer waiting. Thank you

(Bur Ganbap) #11

Thank you for waiting!
account is ready for transfer!

(Linovahle Adorabelle) #12

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Linovahle Adorabelle

Will be completed after: 9/29/2018 7:08:45 AM

(Bur Ganbap) #13

Transfer complete!
This was my best toon trade experience.

(system) #14

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