Private sale

(rewinside Onren) #1

i´am sell this toons

to Tammera Oppenheimer. they both have an hulk and sitting in amarr


(Tammera Oppenheimer) #2

will pay 9B with hulks in Amarr. will send 4.5b to each toon and location for the transfers

(rewinside Onren) #3

confirmed, send also accountinfo via mail pls

(Tammera Oppenheimer) #4

4.5 Billion sent to each toon, account info sent to each toon. Thank you.

(rewinside Onren) #5

ISK and Accountinfo received!
start the transfer as fast as I can.
Fly safe and have fun with these chars

cheer´s mate

(Tammera Oppenheimer) #6

Not seeing the characters yet, have you begun the transfer?

(Tammera Oppenheimer) #7

characters recieved, transaction complete. Thank you

(rewinside Onren) #8

Thanks for info,
have fun with these char´s!


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