Confirming that I am for sale
I am unsculpted
I am unnamed Caldari citzen
I have positive wallet
I have No Kill rights
I have no skill training what so ever other than what was given when the account was created in 7/7/2007
I have 0 transaction and corp history
here are my skills link
I have 1 yearly remap
I have 3 bonus remaps
I am being sold for 5 billion isk
Isk will be deposited to my alt 0sync0 so that I do not have to sculpt the character.
I will pay the transfer fee

Enjoy and thank you

When I see that isk has been deposited to 0sync0, I will then initiate said transfer of this character. 0syn0 will confirm he is to recive the isk here shortly. Thank you and be safe.

I am confirming that I will be receiving the payment of 5 billion isk

5.0B transfered to 0syn0 to get Caldari Citizen 534233373.

Destination account info transfered by ingame mail to 0syn0.

Thank you

transfer about to initiate. Thank you as well

transfer initiated. thank you

transfer now in progress

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