Private Sale

Per CCP Guidelines.

Selling Zhenyu Excavator to Shinobi-Crow
No jump clones.
No killrights as discussed.
Standings discussed.
Positive wallet.
Positive standings.
In Caldari High-Sec: Jita 4-4.
Joined the NPC corp.
ISK will be received by Zhenyu.
Expect receive ISK 12bil

Character Skillboard: Zhenyu Excavators Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

ISCRENSHOOT iSK Transfered in game sent to ZHENYU 12b

Removed the screenshot for account security reasons.

ISD Bahamut

isk received and transfer has been initialized, @ISD_Bahamut thanks for your remind for vulnerable security screenshot.

Character transfered, all good, you can close this post

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