Probag loan and be7a1e335d16 loan

(RAW23) #1

Over the last week the two loans mentioned in the title have finished, so I thought a post for the record was needed.

Probag’s bond paid out in full to the satisfaction of all investors a couple of days ago and is now closed with the collateral returned.

be7a1e335d16’s 250bil loan defaulted. No interest was paid and I received no response to my initial mail chasing it up. The character was biomassed before I could send the final warning mail but the warning period has been and gone, plus an additional couple of weeks of grace, so I have handed the collateral over to the investor.

(Zahara Cody) #2

What was the collateral on the defaulted loan?

(RAW23) #3

Blueprints. The exact type weren’t public in the previous thread so its up to Bobby if he wants to be more specific.

(flakeys) #4

Coming to this new crapforum just to acknowledge i have gotten my investment + interest returned.Thanks raw and probag.That said … i’m going from this forum again asap , it’s giving me headaches :slight_smile:

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