Probe / D-scan manipulator (cloaks 2.0)

So we have cloaks that make us invisible, what if we had cloaks that make us appear to be completely different ships to scans?

Modules could be loaded with scripts for each of the various ships. Skill and module tech levels could determine how big of a hull class jump you can make.

Imagine sitting at a hacking site in something ready to take on someone who warps in expecting an easy stratios kill, or buying yourself some time by making a freighter appear to be a shuttle just passing through.

no need for this …
and it wouldnt have any improvement to eve !

I would use an Interceptor appearing as Titan and laugh my ass off that maybe dozens of players wasting their time by pinging and alerting hundreds of corpmates for completely nothing. Or simulating an eviction crew in a highclass WHs with simple T1 frigs, so the inhabitants there staying up all night long trying to roll away holes and keeping hole-control for hours. Yeah that sounds like a really really nice improvement to the game, just cheaply wasting everyones time.

This idea comes up a lot and its not a bad idea. CCP introduced lancers that can paralyze jump freighters among other things and “corruption” that allows free for all ganking in high sec among other things. These types of changes are toxic more than anything else.

But a module that allow you to hide or change appearance on directional scanner is somehow controversial. But its not. Its just CCPsplainer saying no to something that came from the community.

The patch hasn’t even dropped yet and you’re already complaining about it?

It wont change anything in the short term but yes you can say that

youre have no idea whats toxic and whats not ! maybe your ideas are toxic because they would lead into “death of the game” !

this is ■■■■■■■■ … there are only 4 ships ingame wich are hidden from D-Scan and this for a reason ! and it does not make sense to"apper as another ship" ? why would this improve eve ?

because ideas from community like your ideas are ■■■■ and would damage the game instead of help the game ! youre just not able to understand this !

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