Probe window not working correctly

March 20, 2022

Probe window is not auto opening when undocking from a station if it is open when docking.
Probes launch, and seem to act normal, but the almost none of the display elements in the probe window are displaying the correct information. Some information (such as probe distance) is not even shown

CCP_Aurora has already posted this as a known issue.

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When is someone going to correct the probe scanning issue? after it gets on the real server??

Windows fixed, scan adjustment size is still not working, reg tech support is a no go, not supported on test server, developers are the tech support and fixers but they don’t care for it has been three weeks since this issue started

Apparently the developers that created this issue clearly are as interested in solving it as CCP, it has been an issue for a while

CCP is aware of the problem and I expect them to fix it before it reaches TQ. Bear in mind the test server is for CCP’s convenience, not ours. They can leave it in any state that they want for any length of time for any reason or no reason.

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they don’t “fix” issues on the test server like they do on the live… there is no regular maintenance on the test server.

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And still not fixed, can’t test probing fits like this!

Looks like being a Paid Omega doesn’t matter to CCP only that Developers pay to screw up and not fix the issues they create so other alfa and omega player suffer and can’t test before they buy WHAT A JOKE

Done with

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