Problem in EVE? Just Drop Capitals [JDC5]

Are you interested in joining a newbro friendly small null-sec corporation with a focus on mining, industry and pve content that is looking to grow?
Well JDC5 might be the perfect fit for you!


What we offer:
High Value Moon Mining
Ice Mining
Industrial Citadels
Ship Replacement Program
New Player Guidance
Friendly Community
Buyback Program

What we are looking for:
Friendly, no drama, no politics
Willingness to try out new things with the corp
Discord for comms and social
Functioning understanding of English or Chinese

Join our discord: Just Drop Capitals [JDC5] and hit a current member up :slight_smile:

Recruitment open, pop by our discord to say hi!

Recruitment still open, hope to see you among us :smiley:

Recruitment open. The ice is waiting for you.

still looking for more members :slight_smile:

Looking for more people to mine and have fun with!

To the top, the ice is quite rich around here, join our discord for more info

Recruitment still open, come munch on rocks!

UP !, the ice is looking real nice around this time of the year


recruitment open, come hit us up :slight_smile:

recruitment open


Recruitment Open, join for some good ice

Come mine these sweet moons

Bump to the top!

Newbies and Caps don’t mix

Bump, moons are being mined RN!

To the top!

To the top!