Profile Options - How a REAL Woman Thinks!

From a Women’s Prospective

I know this is petty but from a woman’s prospective I find the some of the choices within the visual profile limiting. Don’t get me wrong, they are some of the best in all gaming but …

There is no low cut, off the shoulder type clothing, and other more sexy based clothing is not in line with RL, RP, or even the ability to project something to help someone’s game play. I deal in big money and marketing in RL life and my ability to distract because of my clothing is a bonus in my life. It does not have to be overly sexual but I’d like some cleavage! The choices of unclothing is bland. As someone dealing in the trading side of Eve, I’d be in dress apparel not pilot’s gear. There is also the fact that based on the general concept of space, it takes a long time to to be in a machine, I’d be taking my overcoat off on a regular basis.

How about some real heels and stockings, not tights in the game? The tights with an overcoat is a little way off and in reality there at no time does others see a full body picture but that would be nice.

The choices in earrings and cuffs are also limiting. If I’m dealing in billions and trillions of dollars on a daily basis, I’m going to be wearing EVE Online’s version of diamonds or other gemstones.

If roleplaying and the ability to deceive is considered apart of the metagame these option would be a nice addition.

Thank you all the same. I’m having blast in the game. I would just like the ability to inject more of my own personality into my game.


I dont get it.

Whenever I ask for this option in other games, women bash me for trying to sexualize and objectify women.

Id be in favor for mens clothes that show the crotch area more prominently, though.

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+1 to sexy clothes
and girl power
and stuff

eve online dance

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It would be nice, but unfortunately we live in a progressively prudish society where moral busybodies reign supreme.

The hall monitors have taken over the internet.

And, please forgive the sociopaths who think women are required to have a certain opinion, and only “incel men” could possibly have a similar thought. They are just using faux morality to exert control over people.

Sexual attraction is a normal part of human biology and psychology and nobody should be shamed for it.

Removed… a lot of the thread. I’m going to remind people about the rules (located here) and recommend people follow them. Only warning I’m gonna give.

A lot, perhaps. But still not enough in my humble opinion.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Sorry buldath, it was blurred so i thought it was okay.

I think the snip was a little too close for comfort though.

Why is everyone else being punished for this veritable fishing shop of a bait thread? I mean just read this:

“I deal in big money and marketing in RL life and my ability to distract because of my clothing is a bonus in my life.”

Either let us troll it, or kill it.


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