Best Clothes For Female Capsulier

Theres bunch of cool apparel in EVE , but i noticed not all of it is shown at market ( I know about show only avaliable option , i keep it turned off ) theres some other cool clothes , where can i see all clothes ? And which ones ( from market or not from it ) are best for female character in your opinion ?
I realy love combo of Women’s Caldari State Officer Jacket and Women’s ‘Outlaw’ Pants (Guristas) + Guristas boots
P.S. Sorry for my english - still learning

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I find it disappointing that a lot of the skirts or “dress” esque clothes have to be worn with pants, and since hover tights don’t count as “pants” for most of them the outfit looks wrong.

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Please give her the yellow jump suit even though she might tell you that she doesn’t like yellow or can’t stand yellow. It really brings out her curves when she wears yellow.

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we need cat girl naaaawwwwww


I remember this “rocket dress” thing. I have female alts. Kind of like a Charlie’s Angels thing going. They always need ISK.
Anyway, for a short time, I think, the “rocket dress” could be worn without pants. Quite the look. Hubba hubba.

Then they “fixed” it.

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All the Apparel Items listed in the Database can be viewed in this Market app.

Guess it depends on how you want to portray the character.

I usually change all the portraits of my character’s each month with different Apparel items.

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Thank you for your reply! , I will use that site to search for new cool clothes!

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There is also the sanctity dress.

If you want to go for the sexy nerd type of look you can also wear hover tights under a lab coat.

I use the RubySet TorsoRig, but it’s technically not clothing.
It needs a bottom part though.
And maybe an azure variant too.

Best Clothes For Female Capsulier …

… as little as possible

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Wow that looks very cool ,which clothes you’re using ?

Checked it out , look very cool , thx!

Thx , i will check it out!

If you are interested in chic styles recommend to check ‘sterling’ dress blouse series. Some variants are fairly cheap and look so nice.


That looks amazing , thx ! I will check it out!

Dont be shy CCP, add catgirl outfit pls

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Hear that ccp ? handbags and cowboy hats please

oh, and chest hair

The trouble with CCP is they kill their own avatar space barbie games with bare faced lies.

They’ve re-released “limited edition”, “last chance”, “one time only” apparel & skins more times than I care to shake a stick at. Personally lost short of 100bn or so with the police skin debacle.

With an utterly fraudulent developer no one actually worth a dam in collections is intressted in collecting Eve “rares” or playing space ship barbie or custom skin Ken.

Eve’s most famous space barbie enthusist is Entity & he is actually X-CCP with a foot in the door to prevent re-releases.

I myself was liquidating “rares” last login, don’t even care anymore CCP is not a trusted game developer so my interest in Eve IP is in the pooper.

Oh it’s worth a mention that the most valuable rares in eve tended to be gifted to pets back in the day. So even if you get some real good rares they are tainted materials anyway ie, T2BPO.

AT ships have not been handed out which is nice, I wish I got some of those, but IMHO if I wait long enough I might get one as a daily login reward sooner rather than later.


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