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Hi, why there is still no ingame proft loss statistic for the market ? I mean when you you need to calculate how mcuh profit you done the day, its nearly impossible at the current time. And when you go to corp orders, there is absolutly no overview, how much sellorders or buy orders there are… Why? is it so complicated to build a normal statistic tool for an excel game?

(Old Pervert) #2
This tool is remarkably useful for this (and other stuff). No building required, someone else built it for you.

(elitatwo) #3

It is a spaceship pvp game.

(Arisha Moon) #4

not really… when you flyed last time i first person ?.. come on… its a table game. a nice table game

(Zhilia Mann) #5

There’s plenty of room for it to be both. God knows I play it both ways.

Having said that, industry isn’t meant to be easy. If the game told you what to build and where to sell it then you wouldn’t have to work for it and margins wouldn’t exist. That’s why third party tools are around, both those released by the community and those horded by individuals.

(Arisha Moon) #6

ok i understand your philisophy… a bug is not a bug, its a feature…

(Zhilia Mann) #7

Ah good. We’re six posts in and we’ve already hit the straw man phase.

A bug is something intended to work one way that does not. This is not a bug because it isn’t malfunctioning.

A feature is something additional intended to make things better. This is not a feature either. You’re requesting a feature. I’m arguing against it.

Glad we could clarify.

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:slight_smile: <(^-^<)

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