Industry Tracker

We already have Activity tracker (Which I personally never use). We already have Mining Ledger to see how much you mine (if that is your thing). I suggest an industry ledger/tracker that shows us the profit and loss against our BPOs.

I wouldnt mind if we have to manually add the BPO somewhere. We could track the expenditure (cost of the BOP, Research costs etc) against the profit (Market orders, sales of BPCs etc) to see what our overall profit and loss is on a given BPO.

How will it know what you bought everything at. Or what you could have sold self mined ore at if you didn’t refine it.
How does it know what that hull you gave your fried was value swapped for.

Industry profit and loss is far more complex.

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You keep track of that stuff yourself. There’s a reason why EVE is called Spreadsheets Online…

The idea itself isn’t a bad one; it’s just that there are so much complexity (many variables) that it’s impossible to track unless it’s known beforehand.

“I’m gonna make x copies of y runs and buy ore/minerals at z prices and then finally gonna sell at [station] for a k price per unit”

This was just 1 type of item (Blueprint) and it at the very least have 5-10 variables; now imagine how many variables that becomes when some people have 4-500 blueprints… try 5^500 = 3.055e+349 - for those of you who don’t know how to read the Scientific number, the e+349 means you move the decimal pointer 349 places to the right (as it’s a positive number)

What about adding a note tab to each BPO/BPC then so we can make notes on the items like we can write notes on individual pilots. If the BPO ot BPC is destroyed then the note dies with it.

To me the failure of all industry tracking is not the feature, but the fact that PI cannot be tied to corps. That leaves a lot of mats outside the system.

Otherwise I think a lot could be done that could increase competition.

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