Project Discovery - incredibly bad tutorial

It’s a cool idea, but the tutorial is incredibly lame.

To offer one concrete example from quite early on, they suddenly start using the word “epoch” without telling you what it means, or offering any explanation/definition. Of course I know what the word means in a broad historical sense, it’s roughly synonymous with “era”. But here it is used in a very narrowly specific sense without ever being defined, and that’s not something that should happen in a tutorial.

Now I’m looking at it and it says “Epoch: 10.854” OK, but 10.854 what? days? hours? wentworths?

Another glaring problem with the tutorial is that there’s no way to back up a step and re-read the previous box if you missed something. It should ALWAYS be possible to go backwards in a tutorial.

OK, now I’m completely stuck and unable to proceed. The heading on the blue box is “Editing the orbital period”

It says “Change the orbital period to roughly 1.743 days” OK, not a prob…“and change the epoch such that the aligned transits are centered on the screen”

But what is the epoch, and how do I change it? There’s no way to back up and see if that’s answered in a previous lesson. All I can do is bail out and start again from scratch, which I have done 4 times now…

Click and drag mouse when in floded mode. This change epoch. Orbit period of select transit’s. If I remember this is mentioned in description.