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Transporting large amounts of live cargo such as various livestock or people can get unhygienic especially when there are lots of individuals crammed vertically into holding pens and slave holds to maximise cargo space, and/or there are problems with waste treatment and expulsion. The potential for transmission of disease due to the potential for lack of sterile environments due to mechanical failure or cargohold optimisation is a real concern, so to this end I’ve been keenly contributing to CONCORD’s Project Discovery. I think it’s important that capsuleers where possible contribute to this cause, I think disease control and prevention so as to protect the integrity and quality of live cargo is an issue that should concern us all.

However I was wondering what people consider to be the most efficient way of going about the project for maximum scientific benefit. Given that the maximum amount of clusters that I receive an assessment on is two, should I try to find more, if I think they are there? Also, should clusters be circled clockwise or anticlockwise?

Thank you for your responses.

The longer you play the more complex ones you receive but you do seem to see the same repeating patterns over and over.

I can’t take seriously the words of anyone who considers important scientific research to be akin to mere ‘play’. I suspect not much is getting done on your watch.

Does anyone else have any advice on this.

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His observations are correct. As for ‘play’… keep in mind that CONCORD intentionally used a ‘game’ format in order to get as much buy-in as possible for their crowdsourcing, including ‘levels’ and rewards. By making the format a ‘game’, they sought to provide achievable dopamine-producing milestones to keep the masses—who often have little if any interest in helping with research—involved. So don’t be too harsh on him, he’s only viewing it the way CONCORD manipulated him into. :wink:


I suppose not everyone has my exceptionally high moral values and work ethic, some people probably need a bit of manipulation to contribute to important research. Gosh those folks at CONCORD are clever.

Disregarding that, he didn’t really answer my questions however.

He did, but I suppose not clearly.

Re: should you try to find more: yes. The ‘two’ thing is only early on.

Re: clockwise or counterclockwise: doesn’t matter, you do you.


Thank you for translating!

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