Project discovery update

Missing the old project discovery and now covid was gone, there no point for stay with this minigame, can we have the old one or at least the option for select between the 2 minigames?.

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They are not pointless mini games but projects to assist actual science. If you want a new PD similar to the old PD, you could suggest a new citizen science project where the old UX could help the scientific project.

Actually both couldn’t help anything.

It was long time ago. Now I dont know what they want to achieve.

They dont have other source of Marshal BPC yet prepared prerhaps.

The best was in my opinion the first one, there were images of cells to be classified to a fitting pattern.


It took about fourteen minutes before players figured out how to game the system with these events. They are contributing to science about as much as CCP’s warp core stabilizer designs are.

The things people will unquestioningly believe astounds me.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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