Replace Project Discovery with a Match-3 game or something

If people are willing to just circle dots while traveling or mining, at least make it a real game. Minesweeper hacking was popular, some kind of match-3 would be easy to implement and infinitely better than the dots.

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Project discovery isn’t just a game, it’s real science. As such, there’s a bit of tedium involved.


Project discovery is why they found so many EXO planets in one year a few years ago. (And as an amateur astronomer who won’t get the credit for any of them because of that - I have mixed feelings about it) in any case our players did the hard work. Its also how they did the Covid research so fast.

On the other hand I do think it is high time they came up with a new project. I would suggest asteroid finding but I still have hopes of spotting those myself.

Take a look at portableapps the platform has a large number of small widget type games.

PD is a joke, it has nothing to do with science. It is a waste of human resources. My idea is to make PD useful for the future development of eve. For example we can create data set for EVE’s language model. Check for example

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