Project Discovery, time to say goodbye

I think CCP should now end Project Discovery its a bit boring! what the point anymore.

What would you have in its replace?

I have an idea - Eve Chess

Where you can challenge any person which is online for a short game where all the chess pieces are Eve Ships. the game would end if you go offline. You would have 1 minute to make each move and depending on who wins they get surprise gift from the market or CCP…

Any other ideas!

The freighter would have to be the Queen.

*cough*drama queen*cough*


You do realice that project discovery is an actual sience project? Reykjavik university is using data from it to advance their research. That game is not suposed to be fun or interesting, its just a way to crowdsource people to analyze data.


yeah but i think it has run its time

So, you think astronomy and the search for extra-solar planets has “run its time”?

I’ve got no comeback to that, other than you’re daft.

Also…hard no to “EvE Chess”. If you want to play chess online there are available avenues for you to do so without being a burden on EvE’s infrastructure.


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