Project Omega - Active Null-Sec corporation looking for active pilots - US/EU/AUTZ - PvP/PvE/Industry

“Serve the Imperium today - tomorrow you may be dead!”

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“In an hour of Darkness a blind man is the best guide. In an age of Insanity look to the madman to show the way.”

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I used to live in Provi. Block and I quit the game on the tail of is because of how crazy and unsupported I felt.
I joined Project Omega and joined Shadow Ultimatum / The Imperium and it truly brought this game to life for me. I have never felt such community and been able to engage in as many facets of Eve Online.
Seriously, come join us.

Fly Safe! o7

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Keep those beautiful pictures coming Jeeves :grin:


“Success is measured in blood; yours or your enemy’s.”

EVE is about taking chances, trying new things, having fun, making mistakes and learning from them.
Come join us in Esoteria! Be on the forefront of something new!

As a member of Omega and part of the leadership core I can tell you that leadership is here to help you grow 2 be able 2 take advantage of the games many facets! You can grow here and become friends with people from all over the world.

The other day we had a crazy event 2 blue pops of moons and then while mining these we had a blue anom pop(rare) 1 jump away. 70+ pilots on field we mined 2 -30 day pulls and the anom!! A many pilots made several billion that day. I think I pulled 2.5 bill after refine. The best part we have a bunch of blood thirsty Friends that are on stand-by just waiting for some content. Good ■■■■ and yes you see those are tec Is mining lasers this removes the waste factor so more people can get more ore. so low skilled players can make just as much as high on special events.

Here is a picture of one moment not the best quality but those some beams!!!

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Project Omega Industries is large, established corporation within the Shadow Ultimatum and greater Imperium alliances. We currently live in Esoteria with access to multiple regions of space in the South (Southwest/South/Southeast) portions of null. sec.
We have regular daily activities spanning all play-types and are friendly to newbros and veteran players alike!
Beyond all of the fluff, though - we boast an AMAZING community of people from around the globe and we enjoy each others company and expanding our influence in the space around us.
Come, Join Us. Be part of the adventure, be part of the community!

The stars are bright, beautiful and known.
But I prefer the stars in the wormhole space.
Far, curious and unexplored.


“The end justifies the means.”

“The Imperium Knows.”