Project Omega - Active Null-Sec corporation looking for active pilots - US/EU/AUTZ - PvP/PvE/Industry

Project Omega hosts a very engaged and active Directorship team to facilitate our 200+ member Corporation.
We seek to provide a gaming experience that, primarily, empowers its members individuals - but, also provides opportunities to come together as a Corporation to work towards completing universal goals benefit the corporation and provides content and engagement for our membership.
Tonight we hosted a mining operation that resulted in thousands of blocks of ice to Fuel our Future while also providing our members over a Billion in raffles prizes to help engage our members!
Join us today as we continue to work for tomorrow!

No army is big enough to conquer the galaxy. But faith alone can overturn the universe…

Couldn’t ask for better capsuleers to fly with than Project Omega.
Keep up the good fight lads,
and may your Zkill be long and green.