Projectile Weapon Types

I’m a bit stumped at the options of the projectile weapons. Under “small” the order the simulation gives is 250mm light artillery cannon, 280mm howitzer artillery I, 250mm light carbine howizter, 250mm light gallium cannon, 250mm prototype siege cannon, 250mm light scout artillery I, 280mm carbine howitzer I, 280mm gallium cannon, 280 prototype siege cannon, 280 scout artillery I, 250 light artillery cannon II, and 280mm Howtizer Artillery II.

It isn’t alphabetical. So maybe the order is least damage to most damage? Or maybe one of them is “basic,” some give better optimal range, some give better damage, and some give better tracking (which is silly since all small turrets seem to have good tracking number)?

Also if this is the wrong forum, I apologize. A lot of people seem to be posting about their favorite fittings, but no one seems to be asking. If asking belongs in the general PVP instead of ships and modules, I’ll repost.

There is an in-game tool called the Compare Tool that you can use to see what the states are between the guns.

In general:
The 250mm is a smaller gun, requires less fitting (Power Grid and CPU) on your ship, but does less damage and has less range. As a smaller gun, it’s got a bit better tracking and can shoot at fast(er) target with a bit better damage application.

The 280mm is a larger gun, requires more fitting (PG + CPU), does more damage and shoots farther out. As a larger gun, it has less tracking and is more likely to apply less of its damage to targets that are moving around a lot.

I tried fitting 3 280mm Gallium on my tormentor only to find those things didn’t even fit after I put on some armor and my relic analyzer…

Awww man I guess I need to go to the light artillery or gallim cannons.

Projectiles on a Laser ship, nice. Reminds me of the ole arty abby days.

Amarr Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
10% reduction in Small Energy Turret activation cost
5% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage

Oh wow I’m an idiot. I thought my ship bonus was “7.5% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe strength 5% reduction in Salvager duration (per level)”

but it was “10% reduction in Small Energy Turret activation cost 5% bonus to Small Energy Turret damage (per level)”

You are looking for the Magnate :slight_smile:
Also, good read: Gunnery 101 - EVE University Wiki

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Yeah for that one, you should select the best small gun for the job, because you won’t be losing 15% small energy turret damage boost and huge reduction in activation cost.

If you’re just looking for easy to fit guns on your ship, 200mm Autocannons should be what you’re using, not Artillery.

Artillery’s main buff is that it does a lot of damage in a single hit, but it takes a while to cycle another volley. If you miss, you’re gonna be waiting a long time to fire again. Autocannons don’t have as much range, but you’ll be able to constantly chip away at anyone who is trying to attack you.

Well once I get a ship that does not have a 15% bonus damage to lasers that I give up if I switch to something else…

I want something that hits really hard on my first shot. And I want CPU left to fit some armor upgrades.

Oh and one thing that would be nice to fit would be sensor dampener. If I ever join a fleet, I’ll get to see the hilarious effect of making the lock time 40 seconds or something funny. That happened to me once when I found a low sec group of miners and a polite Jackdaw, who told me to get out or be destroyed isntead of shooting me first. He had a partner who was flashy who made my lock time go really high

EVE’s ships are really designed to be fit for a specific purpose and not try to be a swiss army knife. If you ever get in a fleet, you’ll most likely be expected to fly specific ships that have hull bonuses to sensor damps. Just slapping a sensor damp mod onto a random hull doesn’t really help much. Just an fyi.

So the guy that made my lock time be stupidly huge was specialized on that?

But there is a problem with not using the sensor dampener. When I get a ship that actually can use artillery, I want armour plates. And mid slots are often shield modules. Which would be fine if those modules didn’t make the signature radius turn every frigate into freighter sized target. Since I don’t want to slap those on, I need some utility in those medium slots. The sensor dampener idea was something I got from a random encounter. If that doesn’t work, whatever I put in is going to need CPU. So my wish list for artillery is still “hits really hard on the first shot and leave enough CPU leftover for armour in low and whatever someone thinks is useful for medium” because I’m not paying any ISK for a module just makes me as easy to hit as the side of a barn.

Of course which artillery I want will be a question I’ll get to later. Since I’ll be sticking with energy turrets for my tormenter. Not going to let that 15% damage go to waste.


You’re just going to have to accept that this is how the game is set up to balance certain types of weapons, ships, and tanking profiles.

The majority of ships that have Projectile weapon bonuses are Minmatar ships, which are predominantly Shield tanked ships. If you choose to go out of your way and use Armor, you’re accepting the fact that you’re fitting your ships in a suboptimal manner.

“hits really hard on the first shot

You will very quickly realize that this doesn’t really matter except in specific circumstances where you are greatly overpowering your opponent and can kill them in that single volley. Otherwise, you’re not doing yourself many favors.

So my signature radius will end up being the size of a freighter if I fit I don’t know say… a Thrasher optimally. :cold_sweat:

I still want high slots to be hard hitting turrets and leave enough CPU for … well it’s going to have to be shield tanks isn’t it?

Well, I’ll worry about it when I get there.

It won’t. Stop overexaggerating.

Firstly, across this and other posts: I like the way you engage and your enthusiasm. Thank-you.

A Punisher - the Amarrian combat frigate - is something that can be sensibly projectile fitted. The Auto-cannon Punisher is definitely s thing. The hull bonus to energy turret capacity use is irrelevant to projectile weapons, but as the don’t use capacitor that isn’t s problem!
But you still benefit from the armour bonus on the hull.

However: artillery would be hard to fit and the Punisher is slow with few midslots making range control problematic. Hence the normal AC fit.


I’ve been trying thingks out for 6 weeks and having fun. Once my the initial rush dies down, my enthusiasm will probably be 30% of what it is now (which is still high) and reach 300% of what is is now when I get into exciting engagements.

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The sig radius penalty isn’t really as big as you think it is. And even then, sig tanking ships are pretty much only good if you’re playing a specialized role like tackle or certain types of logistics. It has some utility when brawling, but even then most frigates or destroyers will have no problem hitting you. Tank will almost always serve you better than a low sig radius.

This is very true…
With the exception of ships like the Sunesis, Gnosis. and Praxis.

These are some of few non-specialized ships in Eve. They are weaker in a sense then a specialized ships for a specific purpose, but but make up for it in flexibility. You never know what people will be using on them or what they are set up for. I have a Gnosis that it built to tank an Emerging Conduit basically forever, but can’t shoot back, it’s set up to fix other ships and boost things like their range, tracking and sensor strength. I have another that’s for fighting and for running amok in wormhole systems.
The Sunesis for example can be a great exploration ship (they have bonuses for scanning), hauler (decent cargo space), they can be set up for fighting both PvP (not as good as a ship designed for this) PvE, scouting (they have good align time) and have bonuses for most, if not all small weapon types and can use both Shields or armor or both at once. They can also use drones.
All three of these are some of my favorite ships, but that’s because I don’t like specialization or being in a ship that can only do one thing.
Also they look really cool, and that makes me happy.

The Sunesis does look cool, but while it might be great for exploration and OK for most other roles, I’m not sure using it for PVP is good because it’s a lot harder to replace. PVP ships should be somewhat replaceable. Even for Supercapitals, just give a bunch of players 3 years and a zillion ISK and they can replace losses.

You are right about that, it’s more expensive than a lot of other destroyers. For me though it’s so much more fun than most of them that it’s worth it.