[Proposal] 3 day weekend plex pass for ~100 plex

Just wondering what people think about the idea of offering a 3 day weekend pass in the NES for say 100 plex. The idea being to give those that only have a few days something easier to commit to, or old vets to Omega for a big event or battle, or someone wanting to sub his 10 ganking alts for the weekend. Has to be priced to encourage monthly subscriptions.

Would potentially have to consider potential abuse, for example using it to start long running indy jobs then leaving the account un-subbed. Maybe indy jobs run 1/2 speed if your not Omega.

100 PLEX to pull 18 planets of PI products a month sounds like a good deal to me!

Too good, if you ask me.

store > packs > Weekend Fleet Pack



Already exists.


What op wants is 3 days of omega paid with plex not real life currency. That doesn’t exist at the moment.

Since I don’t grind to pay for my subscription, I don’t need that. But I have no issue with its existence.

Not only 18 Planets. Install 30 Reactions, fill 30 Science and 30 Manufacturing Jobs, Refill all the Structures and haul all the goods to the market hub once a month. For 100 PLEX. That would be my new industry Alt.

As Anataine Deva says, the idea was to buy the weekend fleet pack in the NES using PLEX.

If this were to be a problem, there are things you can do to mitigate this such as 1/2 speed research and PI if you are not Omega, just like 1/2 speed skill training

It’s $3.75.


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