Omega amounts in NES

Would be nice to see an option yo buy omega for several days (2-3 optimal, or 7 even) I’ve trained ships that want to fly, and whole month is a wastage, because I can’t play on weekdays.

Not sure if it’s also in the NES, but you can buy this:

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That is a really great offer as many have other out of character activities to attend so I guess it helps justify being around on the weekend to log in.

never understand this … why dont plex the whole month and get a fullspeed skilltraining instead of no skilltraining ( over your alpha SP maximum ) and waste your “weeks” for not training cool stuff

EDIT: I totaly forgot the stupid HS AFK Miners … they dont need skills to train they are wasting the “Weeks” and the weekends too

Wouldn’t it be waste to pay for a whole 3 days? You will be online a few hours at most on the weekend. Why not just pay for some hours? Why not just pay when you come online and while you are offline you don’t pay anything! Stop the waste!

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Makes me realise I’m wasting a subscription when I’m asleep, at work, or simply doing other things… :roll_eyes:

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Jesus Gerard, you’re still wasting time on sleeping and working?

Filthy casual.


Imagine only paying a charge for your phone when you made a call…

That is called Tracfone.

Used to be called a phone bill

Not every Frostpacker pilot is required all the time… was thinking of all of us, not just you or I!

still stupid not to have your accounts on a payment to skill something… oh ■■■■ I forgot the HS AFK Miner again

I no longer am allowed to be referred to as a Miner

shuld we call you pvp elite ? oO your KB says nope dont call it schnitzel

You may refer to us as Frostpacker, that is what we are! That is what we do!

“We are the Frostpacker, high expectations are futile.”


sooo… HS AFK ICE Miner ? Oo

Nah… I have this contract :smiley:

I guess you might miss the point from time to time when you have a machinegun.

Calm down, minor

Like the Ragnarok using it’s superweapon?