(Proposal) Anchoring ships

I don’t understand what you mean. But it almost sounds as if you have divulged in to low insults. I’m pretty sure that’s not what these forums are for.

Not sure what you thought was insulting about my reply to you. You were arguing with the others about how you aren’t ever AFK when you’re mining. But you shouldn’t have to worry about being bumped as much if you are paying attention. AFK miners on the other hand, definitely have to worry about getting bumped.

The other bit was a reply to Brisc, b/c he was talking about Cloaks instead of talking about your topic, Anchoring and bumping. And there are a lot of folks around here who are very passionate about Cloaking (pro and con) and would completely overwhelm your conversation by talking about that instead.

So I was replying to you… That if you’re not AFK, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. And there are ways of avoiding bumping, such as using prop mods and setting yourself to always Approach something so your ship will “fight back” against being bumped. And I was replying to Brisc… That he shouldn’t try and distract from the conversation. =)

My apologies back to the subject at hand then. Even with my 100% attention I still get bumped regardless. Yes AFK people are better targets For bumping don’t get me wrong. However I know for a fact that the Bumpers don’t care if you’re AFK or not. The people that are doing it are really good at it. I’ve already tried fitting the
Mining ship for speed. It has never worked. Never. Moving all the time poses a problem when loading the orca Being as you have to be a certain distance an order to operate the Shared Inventory. ( Yes I forgot the name of it)

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