[Proposal] Corporation Roles/Leadership Permissions

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Suggestion for YouTube content.

In light of “Judgement Day” with CO2, I believe that a multipart discussion about Corporation Leadership Roles would make for an outstanding topic to be addressed so that (new & established) CEOs do not repeat the same mistakes that contributed to having an entire alliance crushed.

These topics would be broken down into corporation roles, permissions, corporation wallet, access to research materials, etc.

If each topic is broken down into videos that are between 10-20 minutes, and providing an in-depth, but simple discussion on what/how the settings work could help players immensely.

Fanfest 2018 (follow-up discussion)

Consider have an hour-long segment to cover this topic. Reference the videos (above) prior to Fanfest and have open some speakers (both CCP and players) forums.

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