[Proposal] FW LP Reward Scaling

(ashofski) #1

I would propose the LP (Loyalty Points) rewarded for completing a FW (Faction Warefare) complex be scaled in a similar way to incursions.

One of the major draws to FW is entry level pvp. By scaling the LP received for completing a complex, more people will be motivated to run the complexes together. This will drive more people to be in space and, therefore, more pvp to happen. It will also facilitate more community development around FW since the bulk of the work wont have a penalty applied for doing it in a small group. It will also alleviate the annoyance of splitting a reward, and could even be used to encourage small gangs and working with strangers.

FW is the perfect place to encourage small gang pvp, removing the penalty for working with others is a great way to do this. It will increase the incentive to join FW, the number of players working together, and the number of players enjoying the game in the same space.

(Galakktis) #2

Why not? FW needs all ideas that promote fleet / group action.

(system) #3

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