FW Fix: Sliding scale between plexing LP and Mission LP

A simple idea to improve Faction Warfare quality of life and competition; as Tier control goes up, Mission LP rewards increase, but plexing rewards decrease. As Tier goes down, Mission LP rewards go down, but plexing rewards go up.

The Problem:

Apologies if this is something fixed already, as I’ve only just returned to the game and the Tribal Liberation Force after a long hiatus. I’m intending a gentle reintroduction to PvP, and will be doing some missions to force myself into competitive low sec. Towards the end of my play time a few years ago, I was busy hunting clone rats and treasure out in more fringe low sec, and I’ve lost a bit of confidence when it comes to PvP, but I’ve never lost the usual habits (making a perch on entry to new system, checking d-scan etc.).

In doing some research about FW missions, I came across the usual complaints about there being little reason to join a low tier militia. You can somewhat hop between the factions, going for the high Tier control militias only leaving the role players and those too lazy to move to claw their way out of Tier 1. Counting myself among these players, I know we’re not the most industrious when it comes to offensive plexing.

Tier 1 means that any activity you do is simply worth less of your time than switching sides.

Key issues

  • Lack of incentive to do activities for a militia in Tier 1

You could argue that PvP is its own reward, but you can get the same reward from switching sides.


The fastest way to get a militia out of Tier 1 is to get people out capturing complexes. Therefore, flip the LP payouts. At Tier 5 you should receive the minimum rewards for capturing complexes. At Tier 1, you should receive the maximum.

You might argue that there’s no point in getting to Tier 5. But if you keep the Mission LP rewards high at Tier 5, and low at Tier 1, then that would be the reward for getting to that tier.

You might be thinking “Oh great, I get to farm missions now, just what I signed up to a PvP corp/game mechanic for!” Well, here’s the thing; it beats orbiting a complex for 10 mins jut watching d-scan. And you can still get your PvP action by attacking the opposing force plexers on the way back from your mission. And hopefully there will be more targets for you, as the opposing militia is incentivised to go out and capture complexes.

Furthermore, the Tier 1 militias can feel more like desperate guerrilla fighters. Mission beacons are a clear signal that someone will be there eventually, and if that is the money making activity of a tier 5 militia, this gives the Tier 1 militia an advantage in intelligence.

This vastly improves quality of life for militias on both sides. Rather than players simply doing one activity, based on what is most LP/time/investment efficient, the activities then become more dynamic. If in Tier 1, players should in general focus on plexing, and if in Tier 5 focus on missions. It allows players to switch around their play styles, and have a reason to do so. It should also go a long way to making the Tiers swing back and forth faster.

New players would also have a much clearer idea about what to do; “We’re in Tier 1, go out and plex!” or “We’re in Tier 5, go out and mission run!”

Lore justification

The Empires would reward mercenaries more highly for capturing territory when they have lost a great deal of ground. They would then reward peacekeeping and consolidation missions more highly when they have territory.

The system as it is now shows an Empire giving up when it is losing. They experience some losses, and then stop funding their military. This is a very strange response when dealing with a mortal enemy.

Ease of implementation?

Not being a CCP employee, I don’t know if it is an easy thing to change in terms of code. However, it does not require a change to any of the other Faction Warfare mechanics. No new items needed, no new ships required, and no changes to ship restrictions in missions or plexes.

Any problems?

I certainly don’t think this a solution to all problems, but I do think it’s a positive change. What do you think?

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