Make faction warfare LP rewards less drastic between Tiers

The huge reward difference between Tier 1-5 is causing negative outcomes for faction warfare, mainly that people will grind LP for whichever side is the higher Tier. The difference in LP between a T1/T4 is so large that it’s pointless to grind the loosing side (T4 gets 5x the LP of T1), so most people will just switch over and grind for the winning side.

This results in Gallente being Tier 4 for a long time, then eventually Caldari becomes tier 4 for a very time. The Tier rewards should be reworked, either:

A: rewards for completing a complex are the same T1-T5. Tier bonuses would only affect things like market and manufacturing cost, or give mining bonuses etc.

B: make the difference in Tier rewards much smaller, such as for a novice complex: T1: 10k, T2: 11k, T3: 12k, T4: 13k, T5: 15k

I think this would give a lot of incentive for players to just stick with one side instead of only fighting for the winning side.

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Agreed! Would be more balanced!

as some one who has done a good deal of CalMil where until a recent fluke we tend to stay in T1-T3 i see no need for this. for the players who work with a faction they are properly rewarded and those who hope to get the most LP will do that no matter how you scale it so long as higher levels give higher lp

I think the problem will get balanced more once CCP finally introduces their HTFU Standing system they talked about a few years back if they ever do do it.

i just want them to implement joining FW w/o the rest of your corp/alliance like they talked about

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That would be nice.
Then again most things CCP say are nice…


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Everyime I check in it seems one faction is T1 and the other is T3/4…it’s not a surprising result the way rewards are setup now.

Out of curiosity does anyone from CCP happen to have a chart of the LP reward items of each faction relating to supply and demand?

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