Faction Warfare LP gain change

When your side is losing you should get radically more LP for doing plexes and whatanot.

Abandon tier system as it is. It only penalizes people who actually work for your faction and donate LP and stuff. I have no idea how to replace it, but yeah.

a) This would help keeping sides balanced so people do not just pack on winning side.
b) This would also make sense since your faction should be more thankful when they have hard time.

As it is currently no one wants to go play on faction that has tier 1 level unless you just want to roleplay (lel).

so, you want to punish the side that’s doing well simply because they are doing well? This doesn’t actually solve any issues. Its mainly bots and alts that flip based on LP value and its not simple based on tiers thats just one element of it.

the implementation of system states should cut down on the negative impact the bots and farmers have anyway. Making it far harder to flip a system that isn’t near the front.

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