Protean Concept | USTZ | WH PVP Corp

Why Fly ADAPT?

Protean Concept is consistently one of the top five most active wormhole corps in USTZ. We recently celebrated our first year as a corporation, a year in which we killed 1.5 trillion worth of ships! If you are an experienced USTZ pilot looking for good fights in wormhole space, Protean Concept might be a good fit for you!

What We Offer

  • Daily content. We are active every night, scanning out chains from our C4-C3/C5. Our chains provide a wide array of pvp content. Sometimes we brawl, sometimes we fly nano. In terms of where we find content, about 60% of our content occurs in jspace and another 30% comes from roaming nullsec.

  • Flexible doctrines. The idea of flexibility is embodied in our name [AD4PT], and we use a variety of doctrines to take as many fights as possible.

  • A constructive environment. We are committed to creating an environment where content is king not killboard stats. Flying for the sake of the fight itself means losses will happen, and we don’t kb shame. We do discuss and evaluate our performance after a fight so we can all improve as pilots.

  • Freedom to take initiative. Any member is free to plan an op or FC a fleet.

  • Isk making opportunities and limited SRP. While we are not about making isk for isk’s sake, ships need to be replaced. We have limited SRP for doctrine ships and a variety of good isk making opportunities.

What We are looking for from you

  • Regular activity with us in USTZ. Extended absences are okay if they are discussed, just not ghosting for weeks.

  • A PVP main that can fly T2 cruisers and a scanner/roller/tackle alt on a 2nd account. We don’t require you to have experience dualboxing in pvp, but a second utility account goes a long way in jspace.

  • Prior experience in wormholes and nanogang pvp. We occasionally take less experienced pilots in, but only a couple at a time so we don’t over burden our experienced pilots with training too many newbies.

  • A willingness to train into and stock our doctrines. In order to be organized to take fights, we need members able to undock doctrine ships.

  • A working mic for use with TeamSpeak and adoption of GalaxyFinder for mapping chains (seriously this mapper combines the best aspects of both Tripwire and Pathfinder).

  • A mature attitude. We are a community of adults who just want to enjoy spaceships in our spare time. We are not interested in toxic attitudes and expect members to treat each other with respect.

How to get involved/more info

Tonight we took a trip down to Pochven and killed 7bill worth of ships. Battle Report Tool

Found a Drekavac fleet bashing an Astrahus and we dropped in to say hello. Battle Report Tool

Flying nano against Holesale. Related Kills | J144103 | 2021-04-25 00:00 | zKillboard

We took down 4 dreads last night!

Just had a hell of a fight with Contra Ratio! Battle Report Tool

Join us for daily pvp Battle Report Tool!

Come fight the blob with us!

VVV grid

Fly nano with us and be successful against 2:1 odds! Battle Report Tool

Forming an AT Team. And recruiting USTZ pvp pilots.

A BR here Battle Report Tool, a BR there Related Kills | J123345 | 2021-08-31 01:00 | zKillboard. Join us for pew pew in ustz!

Had a great fight with WHSOC tonight, 11 billion killed! If you are looking for wormhole pvp in ustz, check us out! Battle Report Tool

We’ve had a ton of awesome fights recently. Last night we first had a brawl vs SYNDE Battle Report Tool and then we fought a 100 man Goonswarm fleet for over an hour Battle Report Tool! In addition we are now opening up EUTZ recruitment.

It was an 11 cap day! Battle Report Tool
Battle Report Tool

We WON the Totality day brawl!

Number 1 for combat ship kills in jspace in 2021 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

We had a new member get their first capital kill last night! Battle Report Tool
Also we are looking for more in EUTZ.

Still recruiting in USTZ and EUTZ! Also check out our new work-in-progress logo for our new alliance name, Moss Piglet Preservation Society!

Had a really fun fight today, check us out! Battle Report Tool

Looking to pick up some more good dudes. Join our Discord to start your recruitment process.