Protean Concept [Small Gang - WH - PVP - USTZ]

Protean Concept is built around the ideas of being adaptable and versatile. Our corp is primarily a PVP focused group, but will always take on the right candidate. We aim to disrupt the meta and make a splash. We are looking for like minded pilots, new or old. With Protean Concept, there are lots of opportunities to make isk, plenty of connections to hunt, and a corp-wide bloodlust for PVP.

:: What We Offer ::

  • C4 - C5/C3 WH with frequent HS connections
  • Support and training for members to achieve their goals
  • Opportunities for growth as a player and within the corporation
  • Comprehensive Wormhole mapping tools
  • Robust contract market to keep you supplied
  • Organized doctrines suited to handle any scenario
  • Horizontal operations and diplomatic structure
  • Fun times and destruction

:: What We Seek ::

  • A mature but easy going, pew-focused player
  • Someone tired of jumping a stargate to find that content is already in warp to safety
  • Pilots interested in advanced PvP in small gangs
  • Players active in US time zones
  • At minimum, a basic understanding of scanning and WH mechanics. Training to a pro level will be provided to those who seek it
  • Availability to communicate via voice communications, and willingness to share your innermost secrets on comms with us. This is a circle of trust. Drink the Kool-Aid

If you are interested in joining an established, pretty dangerous group of ne’er-do-wells, and fancy getting stinkin’ rich while you’re at it, send a conversation or mail in game to M0RE P0WER, Irohh, or Sexy Carebear.

Join the ‘AD4PT Public’ channel.

Still recruiting gents.

We’ve got a few members but we are still looking for a few more.

Still looking for more recruits! We are growing and we need you (insert classic smug uncle Sam poster here.)

Here’s one of our old videos from back in the day. If that’s the kind of thing that’s appeals to you.

We’re still recruiting! Join our public channel ‘AD4PT Public’ in game to get your application started.

Still recruiting gents.

Come on over for small gang warfare and chill.

Still looking for more gun toting, missile spewing baddies to join our ranks!

We’re still recruiting. Poke us in game!

Come shoot stuff with us!!! We are still looking for a few more peeps.

Catch us tomorrow at for the big tournament! Recent battles

Still hunting for bloodthirsty pilots

Still recruiting.

Smol’est of skirmishes Still looking for pilots!

Looking for more bros to PVP and chill with.

I’d say “bump” but that’s not a thing per the rules. Looking to put some more purple in our fleets!

Got a bunch of kills from Raravoss this week! Still looking for more pilots!

Got most kills in raravoss and vale, Seeing if we can keep it for for the third trig system. Looking for active pilots!

Still looking for more skilled pilots.