Prototype cerebral booster gone in a podding!

hey what gives, just had a corpmate start game and use this booster but he got podded coming out of jita for no reason and now the booster is gone?! does he get a refund

Thats the risk leaving jita being podded. Depending on the booster i didnt think they were gone when being podded, ill have to research that.

Cerebral Accelerators persist through death and are attached to the character rather than the clone, so clone jumps and pod losses will not affect the training speed or stop Cerebral Accelerators from working.

But to answer your last question, no refund cause he didnt lose the booster.


his vanished though

When did he activate it? Right before undocking or did he activate it a while before undocking?

There is a logical reason why he got podded: It’s part of the game.


So this corpmate of yours doesn’t know how to come on the forum and ask?

Typical BS: I had a friend who…


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