Providence ship won't load in Jita and camera goes away

Not sure what is happening, but when I click on my Providence, the camera goes all the way into a corner of the station, and when I move the camera it goes back to the ship location, but there you only see the lights of the ship, but the rest won’t load. Once I let go of the camera it goes back into a corner. Left part of the image is the corner of the station that the camera goes to and right is the ship that won’t load. Any other ship seems to load no problem.

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I would bet that the game tries to load you into the Upwell capital hangar, which most likely does not exist for the special Jita hangar.

Yeah, I think you’re right. Because when I move the camera more to the left, it changes the camera angle in the same way as it does in the upwell hangar. Although in this case, it shows the corner of the station from a different angle.

The same thing is happening with the Charon.

UPDATE: In addition to the issue in Jita, I just flew back to my home NPC station and its loading a pos hangar. If I switch ships it loads the normal hangar and when I switch back to the Charon, it loads the pos hangar again.

You’re not alone on the Upwell interior being loaded on NPC stations, confused the hell out of me and I don’t see it in the patch notes unless I’m missing something. Happy with the change though.

Problem seems to be fixed in latest patch.

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