Jita main hub

Why does the Jita main hub have problems docking my Charon

Sometimes it takes station security a bit more time to clear you. Maybe operator’s error or interference from the electronics emitted from your ship.

Because CCP activated the Upwell capital hangar for NPC stations. The problem is that Jita has a special hangar that seems to interfere with the Upwell hangar transition or something like that, and CCP simply has not tested this or even cared. The patch notes also don’t say anything about that being a planned feature, so it might just be that someone at-fingered something unintentionally. Radiosilence by CCP since last week about this since last week doesn’t help either.

Or they don’t hold the documents such as a Jita Docking Permit?

All stations should have those for a nominal fee. They let just anybody dock. The security is deplorable.

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Apparently you have BSOD in the hangar.

Just remit 2 bil isk to Ax’l Thorne, and we will get the paperwork processed.

Thank you.

Ax’l Thorne
Sr. Docking Specialist.
Jita Trade Commission

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What’s the rebate price? You must have sales occasionally.

We’re a government entity. So no.

Oh well never mind. It’s not gonna be done anyway.

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However, if you want to donate 2 bil isk to my campaign fund, I can probably work in some sort of revisal for a rebate program.

Thanks but I know a couple of pirates who should be able to dig up a forger out there… I doubt it’s going to cost me anything.

Back on topic:

That sounds bad.

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