Proving ground traces can’t be scanned!?

Yesterday I experienced a disturbing situation. I combat scanned a Rifter in Tama and landed at a Proving ground trace with the Rifter … well the Proving ground trace didn’t appear on probes. Tried again, no trace.

Normal Abyssal traces did scan fine in the past. Can someone check/confirm that Proving ground traces are in fact unscannable?

(yes, I have Abyssal trace activated for the probe results)

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Confirmed it myself yesterday, unless there is a very special thing to activate. This is a bad move CCP!

I remember people were complaining that others were metagaming the proving grounds by attacking guys that were trying to run it. So, maybe CCP did do it on purpose. But, I am speculating here, so take it with a grain of salt.

No P2W

Can abyssal traces themselves still be scanned?

Yes (tested yesterday), since forever. This was the “strawman” argument from CCP for the safety from interaction in the instance.

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