Any way to enter The Proving Grounds on my own?

My corporation disbanded a couple of months ago. I think they were blown up maybe. I mostly just mined and explored anyway so I didn’t bother too much to do anything about it. Just been mining mostly, but I love anytime some kind of new activity comes out, like came out today.

I’m looking at the 3 things… enter a combat side… exploration site. I don’t know where the OEM Rogue stuff is and I can’t find it either yet. I’m in Placid.

Then I noticed the Proving Ground sting gives you 9 million isk to enter it. I guess I need a filament which I have a bunch of but I think you need a fleet to actually enter them right? Should I do the fleet up thing and try to get people to enter it with me… maybe that’ll work. It’s the only way right?

The next event is an 18 player FFA, you can enter solo

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