Abyssal trace

how the hell do you scan these down ??

fit Expanded Probe Launcher, fill it with Combat Scanner Probe, use alt-P menu to launch probes in pinpoint formation, drag them around and resize. idr which filter group it’s under

they also appear on dscan

Got it sorted… ty

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Yeah it can be a bit confusing. Usually solid physical objects like deployables, ships, drones and structures are scanned with Combat Probes, while all kind of cosmic energy signatures are scanned with Core Scanner Probes. One would expect that an Abyssal Trace would be a signature rather than a solid object.

Maybe it would be even better for the game if Abyssal Traces could be scanned with Core Probes, because the chance that a random scout has a Core Scanner available is a lot higher than it having an Expanded Probe Launcer. And especially in lonely, big and remote systems the first initial scan is usually made with Core Probes. This would mean Abyssal Traces could be found more easily, which opens up chances for ambush and traps. More player interaction, a bit more risk attached to the extraordinary well paying Abyssal Sites.

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its just we have a few abyssal runners in our constealltion… that occasionally go suspect…

and im aching to get a edcom ship kill :slight_smile:

so obviously I don wanna scare them off by waiting on the exit.

i spose i could scan thier hold and was for the right filament for me to be waiting…

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