Into The Abyss : Entry & Exit Signature Scanning

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So we have been trying to scan down an entry/exit signature where someone is actively using a filament. As in where someone left and entered The Abyss and upon their survival, will return. We have an important delivery for them.

Some have said that you can find these signatures with combat probes. Has anyone found one and what are they called?


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(Shuckstar) #2

I think you can add Abysmal Trace to directional and combat scanner, yes combat probes will find it.

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Thank you Shuckstar. After adding them to the D-Scan and combat scanner overviews they can be scanned down pretty quickly. Here is a photo. They appear as a beacon with a strange pink cloud and are called an Abyssal Trace.

Contrary to what we were told when a ship exits they do not have a suspect flag. Perhaps that is a new feature? Anyone?

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You only get a suspect flag for running the higher tier’d sites, IIRC t4 and t5. I’m sure someone will correct my lack of knowledge but I do know for sure the lower end ones will not net you a suspect timer upon exit.

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Only Filament 4 and 5 will flag the Capsuleer as Suspect.

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Thank you StonerPhReaK and ISD Sakimura. We have learned some interesting things today.

And now, off into The Abyss! (Filament 1-3 for now) :slight_smile:

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