Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

Frigate and cruiser deal more damage so they are more attractive now

The thunderchild on the other hand still have receive no buff

The Trigs will use the new 4-4 station model as their HQ in k-space, don’t worry.

Thank you for the list of systems…

Thank you for the list of systems.

T-space. :wink:

or maybe ∆-space…


btw, the removeal of the old proving grounds was most likely the first time in the entire EVE history where CCP removed a whole feature(or ingame activity) as a whole, without giving an equivalent replace, nor giving good reasons for.

This is completely different to the removeal of static DED sites in 2012. Back then CCP gave reasons and an equivalent replace.
This is not the case with the old arena. If they decided to give an equivalent replace, they either left the old arenas alone or gave us filaments to get to the old arenas(see the thread @TheCorrupted linked above).

From an IT point of view, all CCP had to do was to leave like 20(5 with each visual) of the old arenaspots alone, and then take the code from the old arena, copy it and paste it elsewhere where they wanted it to have and do the stuff they did with the new filaments. That would have taken 5 minutes longer.

This would not have had much impact on the events, since there is a queue anyways, and the old arenas were never fully used, but had reserves for some events that increase activity in the abyss. I am not a programmer, but according to what I read in some streams, this could have been the solution. I mean, CCP finds ways to keep low used features like level 5 missions, fobs or ressource wars in game(and yes, even the pos still exists), why not the same for the old proving grounds? And possibly to bring it back, all that is needed is:

  1. Copy code from older release
  2. Paste it in actual release
  3. take away 20 new arenaspots and add them to the old arena code
  4. done, in the end we would have 180 spots for the events, 20 for the old arena

I dont know if CCP or the CSM still reads that after months, but I assume CCP must have had good reasons for, which some players want to know. If it was low usage, what is with the stuff I put up above. If it was the Ikitursa meta, what is with PVE, where the same ships and fits are getting used for years now? If it was only because the same 15-20 people did it, why didn’t you listen to the players in late 2018/early 2019 and fixed the stuff back then?

By the way, I recommend not to do the same thing with Pochven again

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… ahahahahahaha …


Man, ■■■■ off. :smiley:

HAHAHAHAA you’re being hilarious :smiley:

Their HQ is in the New Eden system.
You can look that up in their info.

so you find it funny when CCP takes away content people enjoyed?

I’ve been experiencing CCP removing game-play or features for over ten years
… and you seriously think that one time was “most likely” the first time!

YOU are being unintentionally hilarious! :smiley:

On the way CCP did, yes

  1. CCP gave us no reason why it was taken away
  2. There was no replace

proof me wrong, but on what kind of features are you referring to?

What do you mean they gave you no reason?
Why did you expect it was a permanent feature in the first place?
There was no way that was going to stay!

How did you not know this??

Anyhow … yay I can use this:


  • Captains Quarters. :blush:

  • The ingame-browser.
    People got upset about this. It’s a feature and was part of peoples’ game-play,
    because they didn’t have to alt-tab out. That sounds weird and I agree, but it counts.

  • The ingame-jukebox.
    People got very upset about this one.

  • Industrial Teams.
    No one misses that one, but “being missed” isn’t a requirement here.

  • SP loss of getting podkilled in an uninsured clone.
    I hated that one a lot, but that’s exactly what was so good about it. It punished you for a severe mistake, so you better not do that ever again! The only part I wasn’t too fond of was that clone insurance costs went up way too high.

  • Learning Skills.
    Counts. Been in the game for a long time and eventually they’ve removed it without replacing the mechanics. It’s probably the dumbest example, but it provided game-play. (you have to spend time thinking about it and had to buy them. When you lost your pod, you had to rebuy them, etc.)

  • Technically: can-flipping
    The can-flipping experience was considerably different to that of the suspect state. It was personal between two players (for most practical cases, as can-flipped players most often did not have a corp around to defend them anyway). Suspect state is more of a thing where you’re being punished for “breaking out of the behavioural norm” as if can-flipping was a bad thing. Can-flipping, on the other hand, was *underlining the fact that stealing loot is perfectly normal behaviour. That’s why I’m including it here.

  • Technically: The warning you get when you forgot the cargo of a distribution mission.
    This one is very weird. Most people like this, but that’s because they’re weak. Consider this: You get a distribution mission that takes you ten jumps there and back in a hauler. These ships aren’t particularly quick to align, so a lot of time is sunk into the mission. Back in the old days, when you forgot the cargo, you had to do the whol trip again. It was a well deserved punishment for those too careless to be doing their “job” right. Nowadays people get a warning, preventing them from experiencing not only a very important lesson (stay focussed on what you’re doing), but also from the game-play which results from their ■■■■-up. That game-play includes the potential for getting ganked for no reason, too and, of course, the fact that they had to do the same trip again. Deservedly punishing game-play, though, because it’s the players’ fault.

I’m sure there’s more, but I never particularly cared about remembering this stuff.
The last two are probably a stretch for some, but they’ve provided game-play which got removed and not replaced.
No, suspect state is not a replacement for the old can-flipping mechanics. If it was, people wouln’t be complaining about that fact.


Maybe the definition of “game-play” and “features” is too loose …
… but if we tighten it, we’re probably unintentionally removing game-play from the considerations.

… and please freshen up on your EVE History.


much elite
such ■■■■

You’re a man of intelligence and wit, it seems.


If we removed the ad hominins this might not be the 1000th post in this overly long thread

but I am still trying to keep up

m (looking into his coffee)

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Well yeah, but only until 4-4’s fully ready for 'em. I mean, moving a corp HQ is a button in this game, after all. It wouldn’t be fair if the Trigs don’t have access to it.

This is a graphic feature, not an actual ingame activity that you would do over a longer period of time. Here, CCP gave us clear reasons why they took it away, it used outdated software.

Agree on that, but again, its not an “activity” CCP here gave us clear reasons.

Agree too, but again not an ingame “activity” I dont find any posts on that

dont know what exactly that is, never heard of

That is not an activity, but a needed change, imagine you have 300m sp and you lose a pod, would you like to lose 15m sp? People got salty about that, as you lose months of training.

The attributes you used to get from them were awarded to the base attributes, there is discussion going on the potential removeal of attributes entirely to make things easier to understand and more accessible for new players.

That is an activity, but in some sort it is still possible, go to a mission hub, combat probe mission runners and use a cheap ship like a destroyer to loot wrecks or shoot MTU’s. I am sure someone will shoot back.
CCP gave clear reasons for removeal here:
Also, it got removed indirectly, not directly. It got removed due to a change elsewhere that affected it

That is actually a good feature for new players, I dont see the problem

So as said, the remove of the Cruiser 1v1 room was a “direct” removeal of a feature, meaning it got taken out directly out of the game, not throught another change that made it impossible. Also, CCP gave us no clear reasons for that. That are the differences to the removeals you listed above. And I am talking about ingame activitys as a whole, not just tools and other stuff like the Jukebox etc. I mean, where is the problem with having both variants, the new limited events and the Cruiser 1v1 that you either get throught a new proving filament or at the end of tier 3-6 sites.

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There’s whole threads of people who would disagree. They’re stting there watching their character watching movies from their harddisk, because someone figured out how to do that.

Hahahahahaha, ikr … :smiley: Here’s the last mention:

Yeah, but it was their own fault. Their absolutely own fault. There is no denying this. Just as it was my own fault for loosing BattleCruiser V twice. That’s a month worth of training each time. I didn’t complain about the mechanic, I’ve acknowledged that it was my own ■■■■■■■ fault. People deserve this level of punishment for such a fuckup! The only thing I didn’t like about it was the insane cost. That was completely unjustified.

Well, that’s quite the wrong opinion to have, but hey … you can have it.

We disagree too much on what can be considered gameplay. I’m not going to argue about it, because you think that parts of actual gameplay aren’t actually gameplay and I’m totally okay with that, especially because it doesn’t ■■■■■■■ matter anyway.

So, in any case …

There was never really support for arenas. You can call yourself lucky for having them, but the players would ■■■■ into CCP’s wallet if CCP made such a thing really a permanent feature. Be happy about what you’re getting, otherwise you might not be getting anything at all. You’re basically at the mercy of the playerbase here, and not of CCP. From what I’m seeing people are tolerating it, but they’re absolutely not happy with it.

Ask the people who matter, not forum dwellers who have no influence. If you actually want things to change,
then talking to us, or even on the forums, is just a gigantically massive waste of your own ■■■■■■■ time.

Personally do I think you should be both more happy for what you’re getting …
… and more grateful for what you’ve already gotten. vOv

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