Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

And now there is one! Thanks again, @CCP_Aurora!

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Imagine you used to like and enjoy the old Cruiser 1v1 arena very much and then CCP just takes it away, would you not be angry too?

TBH, I had to pay a lot of attention not to post anything wrong in here that can get me into troubles. I am still angry that this great content is gone.

I also dont understand, that CCP did not listen to player feedback on the old arena right when it came out. There was a lot of stuff brought up. I even brought stuff up to the CSM, and what happened? CCP removed the great content and replaced it with limited time events, where you only can bring cheap t1 ships. The reason the old arena became less popular was that CCP did not listen to players right when it came out. Already in the first week there were problems like time zone restrictions(which got fixed in SEPTEMBER 2019!!! after having brought it up many times) or stalemates(25% drop is not enought, and thus ended up in the Ikitursa becoming so superior).

There are examples where CCP at least listen to players a bit, for example the small buff to edencom ships or the change to structures to reduce spam and making it worth to destroy. Why did CCP not do that after the old arena was released in 2018? Why was there not a patch afterwards where all these issues were adressed? And now it is gone, sh****** on those who loved it.

You mean the one that happened right after CCP devs tried flying the EDENCOM ships on TvE?

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Obviously they changed this after feedback, rather than planning it so that ENDCM ships were more attractive once every one had their Trig ships, right?


Frigate and cruiser deal more damage so they are more attractive now

The thunderchild on the other hand still have receive no buff