Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

I would like to talk to you private. If you would like to of course by my all respect … because except your hard ons about expensive ■■■■ and me in love with cheapass stuff and spread my isk on charity events instead … we are extremely aligned! Im in game and will hope and wait.
Kindly regards


Why and what did you mean here i couldnt uñderstand… meanwhile … i had been pomping fights last couple of months fire up content giveaway free fits in low sec made by one of the best theory crafter in game… currently i m holding my own statistic work and i have numbers activity for severeral random picked systems around hot zones… i will wait 7 days and will make comparisin

No matter what pushed down to our throats… as long as we hold on as community and down for creating our own content… as long as mechanics doesnt broken unrepearably and makes imposdible for us to thrive in… EvE wont die… we need strong minds and people with passion
Just please reach out to me in game …se if we can do something together and understand each other better… im not aline here …sitiing tight with some of the best pvp pilots of eve and thinking together

Maybe later, I am in a bad mood and don’t really know what to thing anymore about this game. It’s starting to be hard to keep people online. CCP is not helping at all. New content is very very bad, from those new filament to trigvilian invasion (us timezone can’t do anything, redoubts and bulwarks are switch to fortress on EU timezone). So we cannot help trigvilian.

Just because of you are in bad mood its perfect timing and who knows may be i can cheer you up bit… this new proving gounds must be reviewed and reshaped … therefor actually up thread i had suggested fully different revamp and actually people like it… incl prooving ground fans… we cannot let them take it back … thats exact i accept the reality of course therefor im thinking ways to damage control.

So what I was expecting just got confirm with killmails on Zkill . This isn’t new content at all.

  • 32000001 to 32000200 were IDs of solarsystem use by the original proving gate.
  • The reason both can’t live together is because CCP took an horrible shortcut, bad DEV.
  • The arena is the same one with graphics added.
  • Just a different service to send people to arena.

We cant reach anywhere by being resentfull and focuse on past and what happened … this ■■■■ is done and sit top of our head. Instead of focuse old we can work on what is on our head now and come with some good solid mechanic suggestions and different set ups…incl giving oportunity to people live to play the way you do

Im focused on keeping old player.

  • they should just made good DEV instead and keep content running.
  • We dot not need 200 arena, just gave us 10 and it will do the thing!

Im focusing even bring some old people back . I m missing them crazzy ! Missing those old good pilots attitude and perspective. Therefor running a project last 1.5 year … One of these pilits was mentor of my mentor … he had been in love with his ■■■■■■■ deimos and blings we had been fighting non stop in channels and bantering bickering… when he drop first citadel to space call it …’ s whore house damn to piss me off ! But also i learn from him he murdered me all over new eden untill i learn to take care of my ass… and he also helped me and backed me out in shitty situations … so… he rarely loggs in … look for fights in his blingy deimos and loggs of !! You cant put this guy any pve site by all means no matter what ! He wants fight with no requirements …

Maybe, but he should just thing, PVE part is the best way to filter fits. You have to run those fight to understand. Yes it is boring. But still needed for a 1v1.

  • For those accidental jumps. A simple notification before the jump like LS, Invasion system.

Pve is not good way to filter fits. It makes fits PVE fits ffs please…you know how much pvp mechanics can be rich and deep satisfying and entertaining ! Many people up to now in this thread told so many ridiculous things showing actually they have zero idea and konledge about real pvp. I lost my will and spirit to talk about these things with them because they are not capable to get it… what im saying here is lets sit together get in comms with me … develop a solid filtering system and you present it to CCP … it doesnt have to be bound to pve !

We are not even near of getting 1v1 back since they will have to code a LOTS of restriction, people will complaint about it, and it won’t be perfect by the next year.

  • we will just lose people online in real content

And restriction and people don’t fit well together.

  • PVE is a must for 1v1 no matter what

What i do sincerely believe CCP will listen feedbacks and solution offers from us.Thats why they open this thread .in the begining i had been very resentfull too… but after i face to face that tjis ■■■■ get real and we cant stop it…i begin to focuse on damage contol. But it requires pilots who has capacity to talk about these… in that lvl.i am not incoherent .im still holding my ground and know what i want. But also im realistic and reasonable and i know what we have in our hands now and they wont take it back… even can be a perma in the future… so i do focuse on damage control instead of giving up and ■■■■ everything and ■■■■ …

They send the content to fast too the game, a single DEV has an idea and they butcher the game. They could save those old abyssal PVP runners by making both content running.

  • We don’t need 200 arena for the proving gate in T3+, only 10
  • This , trust me, is not a big request , i am in I.T.
  • DEV don’t like secretary work in Database.

Specify system ID for old proving gate, and some other system ID for the new content.

From someone I will keep anonymous, that is running abyssal PVP content at the moment : in a few days, these new arenas will be as dead as the old ones, the meta is already solved

Well totally agree. Im not IT im a psychologist . So i wont dare to argue around these stuff with you and i choose to trust your knowledge around .i had also mentioned up thread clearly that i dont know even how much doable what i had suggested to do CCP in design sense. But you would know it.
What i afraid is peoole like you … or like abysra… i can see his all efforts love and passion flushed down the hole in split second . That brings bad spirit …and “may” cause people to give up when they understand if they cant break through…and dont wish to see that happen … And if CCP doesnt breake it …
Buy we can actually come with some creative solutions not breake but reshape it ! When gustav mentioned this first time i told him that i strongly believe CCP did this canceling old grounds temporary to see the raw participation numbers . In that case if people like you hold away from these new sites that will give them idea… but if you guys begin to run these it goes different direction… serve /consume . But i might be wrong too … but what i know if ccp announce tjis as temporary … it creates a great mental bias within players and effects the participation numbers.

I’ve reach a CCP on the DEV stream and He told me that both can’t live together.

  • So that is why I am blaming bad DEV

you mean in technical designt lvl its impossible to co-exist they say ? … and FFs please call me in game get in discord together lets talk bit

Actual design yes, but from an I.T. point of view, this is not a big issue and does not need a lot of DEV to make them both live together. Sorry for discord, I can’t , my english typing isn’t bad , but my speaking is clearly not understandable.

private convo ingame :stuck_out_tongue:

im not native english speaker either and my english also extremely shitty. dont wory about it… i have people in corp from russia who cant speak english even and from brasil south africa to canada… and someohow we achieve to communicate … we will be fine. i do use 3 language in real life and some other languages in very bad lvl :slight_smile: may be one of them fits