Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

every one of those fights is the same. they circle each other or they go toe to toe or sometimes they circle each other and then go toe to toe. buttons are mashed. nothing seems to happen for a while then some one dies. Sure they are good at module control. Maybe there is some decent flying. But as CCP itself pointed out - most of the fights are predicted by which ship and fitting you take into the arena. If they happen to take similar ships and fittings then you get some twitchy results that may reflect on the pilots skill - but ultimately it is still boring as hell. What makes eve exciting is the open world - the idea that you are in a fight where you think you are going to win but it can turn on you in a second. The arenas suck the soul out of eve and reduce the pvp to its most basic elements where its 90% preordained by what you bring to the fight in the first instance. There is no randomness, there is no possibility of shenanigans, its just the worst of eve. I’m glad you enjoy it, but there is no great outcry from the majority of eve players because it represented everything that eve isnt. Glad its dead.

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:slight_smile: i just would like to give you favour and something to please your enthusiasm around quality fights :slight_smile: piloting skills which is prevail self layer by layer roll to 56 sec vexor vs celestis … Roll down the page near by the beautifull executioner :slight_smile:

he is not Blind :rofl: you just dont know how much deep ocean PvP is . And @Ocean_Ormand has a taste about Good Fights

if one side dont know what he is doing each fight can be won by opposit side :slight_smile:

thats none of your business i didnt understand why you need to state that . but whoever his main is … :slight_smile: HE ABSOLUTELY knows what he is saying and what he is doing … Lots of respect @Ocean_Ormand

well agree… thats what im trying to tell from the first day… but its difficult to explain this to people who makes these kind of sentences

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

Now you know it… o7

Nice videos. Much more interesting then anything that was posted in this thread.


Calling T1 line ships GARBAGE?!
Really ?

Show some respect!!!

You are showing an attitude kinda only respect things if they are expensive !
we can clearly see what are you worshiping here … and not a nice view

T1 ships are the elders … really… you dont have to like them but show some respect …


Most of those expensive ships used by pilots to compansate their lack of knowledge understandign and piloting skills…

Then a garmur Pilot dies to my 1,6 skill point alt pilot in a scram kite fitted kestrel …
This is end of getting in to these expensive hulls without understanding T1 lines fittings, mechanics. manuel piloting skills and countless other important aspects of pvp …
And this is coming from someone who find that extremely dull fight awsome ???

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That is officially the first real PVP video sent to this thread … :slight_smile: Thats why !

And i just did "“for the aye and mind pleasure for real PvP pilots”".… rest doesn’t understand anything anyway …

In the begining This thread was about this new coming arenas…: Where already we know the null meta MWD fitted ships 65 km warp in … no after burner no need for warp disruptor in 3 bil fitted T1 cruisers in 12 b pods … :slight_smile: fight in a small circle where they dont even allowed to warp off :slight_smile:

Then recently totally about these "we had been shooting each other with PVE fitted ships and calling this PVP but CCP took it from us give it back CCP !!!

Im have been waiting patiently untill the moment pilots begin to talk with a language of solid knowledge and understanding like you and Ocean Ormand.

+1 for rebuild

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you didnt look video at all.

The reel issue with those kind of patch is that your again going to lose some High SP players for the sake for new players. Average player age in EVE is always going down and you can’t keep old player. I won’t quit the game for that, but I’ve heard few that was running Abyssal PVP to throw they extra ISK for good feelings fights. Quitting EVE crossed their mind.

Seems like online number is more important then everything else for ccp

@ISD_Lord_Arranoth @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode @CCP_Dopamine

please please make a new thread for the Old Abbysals Protesters… And moove thecorrupted . the abysra and gustav manfreds related posts there … Check their up thread messages … you will see what i mean … and how much it derailed . Give them their own thread … their agenda is different its very clean …

i can see this one

i dont know if it fits how much suitable … But this thread recently totally focused on old prooving grounds and protest campaign to bring them back … and abyysra s salt about his wasted work on Abyysal killboard.

From EVE DEV - Blog :

Please feel free to let us know what you think. What about this feature excites you? What would make it even better? What formats would you like to see later in Quadrants 3 and 4? We look forward to chatting with you there.

From all of us on the EVE Dev Team, thanks for reading today’s dev blog, and best of luck in the Proving Grounds!

If you would like to discuss this article, please visit the EVE Online forums.

This thread is NOT meant to be as a Protest Ground for bring old prooving grounds back …
It is about new content

New one is with T1 line ships and

T1 ships already called as GARBAGE.

Thats the only word for the new grounds…All others are for protest and call for CCP . So please please … Give them their own space… i begin to flag all off topic messages .

IF you look carefuly thorough you may see the ongoing situation,

and please remove this message too…

Your wrong again Bluelysian, CCP Dopamine Merge Gustav content HERE! So we have to wrote HERE!
@CCP_Dopamine, please confirm.

And where are the business man of CCP?

  • more then 300 000$ US worth of ship destroyed in less then 2 years? You really want to remove that ?
  • Abyssal mutated module excluded has estimated worth 0 isk

This should be enough to paid a full time DEV.

  • The only good reason to removed it , it is because DEV took a shortcut and edit the main proving ground coding. Take your time and make a good job please.
  • 2nd, add notification on the proving gate, to stop accidental jump in the pit. People will be more willing to go in if they know what is this gate’s for, else then dying to get knowledge.
  • 3rd, if you give too much loot without fight, just remove it if no fight happen, explode the cache box and loots.

There is a pop up upon log in saying the new proving grounds are open and it is the date they are meant to go live, however when i activate the filament i get a message saying the proving grounds are closed.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

they will work after downtime, my guess

  • new services need to be starting up
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To be honest, this content was send to much quick to the game. They should’ve contact and try to build dynamics formats with modules restrictions.

  • avoid disappointing players that will log back in EVE to try.
  • avoid modifying existing content, less disappointing players.
  • try to avoid moving player from content to another by doing specialize format. (low sect)

too litlle, too late.

CCP fully aware and supporting 5v5 scrims . Join their streams commentar on their fights about to opening them thunderdome … 5v5s are not in tq server. Their Discord full cremé de la cremè pilots and CCP s . That one and AT has nothing to do with current prooving gounds.

Free explosion is boring. Make real things on tranquility. Would you mind stop answering boring arguments?

The real game is in tranquliity, F garbage ship ,F free explosion, F sisi and F thunderdome

Especially F on new content on SISI

  • people can’t risk themselves on the real server, no risk, no fun. Then they should have no reward, this mean no information that will help them on tranquility. (PVE content)

SISI and Thunderdome are off topic here.

  • AT has nothing to do with those servers and this topic. It was on tranquility, we went in the last 5 tournament. Ship were lose for real. Nothing to do with a League of Legend gameplay style.
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:slight_smile: it was you talking about 5v5 scrims and i had only inform you that they are on SISI :slight_smile:

About Thunderdome and AT as i had post up thread and strictly suggested other posters to stop mentioning about AT and do not compare and relate this with new arenas .

well i had mentioned 16 days ago in this thread … YES we are after real fights too…

this is link … where i had already share the difference… and suggested not go comparisons

Long for short my friend… what you wrote there … has been already told by me … If you call me troll… that makes you double troll… not only saying same things but just spamming these also too :slight_smile:

Your just trolling people… Anyway EVE is really dying, i never thought so in the Last 12 years. but now, I am not that sure. This game is unic because of RISK ! If you undock with a ship, your ready to lose it.

  • lowering risk is boring
  • thunderdome is boring
  • sisi is boring
  • the new proving ground is boring.

Yes your trolling because your change mind each day, starting by being against proving then trolling people that are against it too. So yes your trolling people. And I am not the only one saying it in this topic.

oh and about RISK. me 16 days ago

you are keep rallying on me but actually just keep repeating me and im really enjoying this :slight_smile:

My presentation for the Last Eve fanfest ( the last one cancelled ) was about risk aversity and instant gratification in PVP and how to tackle it .

One more last thing ! you calling things booring like 16 year old teenagers ! F this Fthat … F this F that sounds extremely chidish …
and i beg you for your own hearts good learn to enjoy and feel , taste the life … not only material value related things … But there is lot of things in life given free but just people dont understand the value of them untill they loose it … You are making me feel old dammit! :wink: and that soo annooying ! :scream:

you enjoy to loose 6 bil ship… and make fight for 10 min your own sake …
I did spent over 60 bil since march i think… Just instead of giving 6 bil to one ships i fit thousands of properely fitted PVP ships field the bowheads and give people their first fights first kills and give content hundreds of people and cause explotions and lot of fun … and i do love to fly my executioners and condors because for me these two huls are hooooly!!!

dont paint all Eve online with your own reflection… bit grow out of it … please

And no im not a Troll… I am a debater
and i do to debate things with different dimentions . Confront and reason . that requires bit flexibility. My attitude and standing is pretty solid …the way of handling and debating… is flexible … that how mind enhance

This game will die soon anyway. I never thought so, but its going down starting with those filaments. Go visit Low Sector space in the next few days.

  • has a corp director for the last 12 years, I’ve notice that average pilot age is going down.
  • How to count active people in a corp ( count split by 4 split by Corp age + 1 ) .

Removed some off topic posts. Keep it on topic please. Thank you.