Pull specific skill level

I’m trying to pull criminal connection skill level but I cant seem to figure out the string part, I know the char id, and the char skill # (3361),

I imported the some standings but in game is different, Im assuming that the eve addon doesn’t pull standings which include skills…

any ideas?

Here is what I use.

skill check

In the left cell I filter for a specific skill:

=IF(ISERROR(EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_SKILLS(C12,"Interplanetary Consolidation",1)),"Interplanetary Consolidation Skill not injected",EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_SKILLS(C12,"Interplanetary Consolidation",1))

In the right cell it shows the skill level:

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Some more info here.

=IF(ISERROR(EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_SKILLS(C12,“Interplanetary Consolidation”,1)),“Interplanetary Consolidation Skill not injected”,EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_SKILLS(C12,“Interplanetary Consolidation”,1))

C12 references the character


D12 references the value returned by the first formula

The IF/ISERROR just allows me to cleanly account for errors and make it look nice. It makes it so that if I do not have the skill it returns “Skill not injected” rather than an error.

Like this:


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