Eve character data import

I have been looking for information on how to import character data into excel, but have found nothing. Can anyone here help me?

Information such as skill que, industry jobs

I’ve never tried, but I doubt excel has the mechanisms required to pull data directly from Eve.

I guess in theory you could use VBA or similar, but that sounds like a new leading cause of cancer.

Personally, I use powershell. It can handle the API very nicely. All of my needs have not been to look at things in spreadsheets, but more for smaller and more immediate answers to things.


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unfortunately Excel is one of the more difficult ones, due to VBA being, umm, less than good at handling json.

One potential option, I guess, would be using something like XLwings to use python to do it.

If you use a tool that uses the new ESI API then you can pull industry jobs there.



I just don’t know of any current tools that do what you’re asking. Especially for Excel. There are some that are working on Google Sheets code to pull from the new API though.

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